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Community Atlas | Edition One

The time has come to run a global photo update and print the renown photobooks again. However, this year these books will look completely different…

You’d know as well as we do how the take-up of photobooks has declined over the years. And the common pushbacks we hear are; 1) why buy them if you have Connect? 2) they’re too big! 3) they’re too ugly! and 4) they’re too expensive.

We sat down and said, What if we could create a photobook series that offered you something you couldn’t get on Connect? What if it was a compact series that looked beautiful and modern? And, what if it was affordable for the Community?

And thus, the Community Atlas concept came to life.

Featuring a short pithy blurb about each locality and an incredible array of facts and data relevant to us, this series will deliver on its promise to offer the Community interesting information that cannot be found easily elsewhere.

Crisp maps will set out key locations such as the main locality meeting room, the Campus&Co. store, the local airport and more. From Salisbury to Stawell to San Francisco, you can learn about the Community near and far just by skimming through the pages. And all of this will be enclosed in a modern, linen cover with luxurious-looking accents.

We are kicking off with a photo update in the coming weeks, and communications to the various local teams are underway as you read this. Communications to our customers will happen shortly after.

By late 2022 you will be able to have this set on your bookshelf (or coffee table – they’re that nice), knowing that the pages hold an up-to-date representation of the Community and an array of knowledge that will capture the attention of young and old alike. Take a look at some of the concept images on this post, and you will be able to see why this series will be more than just a set of books; it will be an experience not to be missed.

Be sure to check back here to stay in touch as this project progresses.



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