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Starting with Success

Monday 4th April 2022 marked the launch of our very first campaign for 2022, The Greatest Book Documentary. It's been almost two years since we launched a Vision Initiative of this nature, and we couldn't have be more excited until we saw the results...

  • We hit 101.2% of the sales target.

  • Current feedback score is at 9.9/10

  • The videos have had 23.1K views over the first 2 weeks of launching.

A massive shout out to the whole sales team, its thanks to you that this launch was such a success.

Check out what our customers had to say, this feedback is inspiring!

" Absolutely awesome work. We have thoroughly enjoyed the four episodes, straight off as we just couldn't stop!!“

"Beyond inspiring, answers many questions that could hardly be defined but are brought out clearly and attractively in the presentation.“

"I found it both inspiring and something that is easily palatable for the oncoming generation. It is so central to everything we hold for all Christians.“

“It has been an amazing and insightful series into the bringing of the bible into our hands today. Hugely interesting. A must for every household to have access to.”



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