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Top Tips, from Top Performers

After such a successful Seminar Set campaign, we reached out to the first two regions that hit 100% of the target, to get some tips from them. Here's a snapshot of the top 5 tips we received.

  1. "I think we find that it helps when people understand the vision"

  2. "If we had a customer that wasn't jumping at it, we got a different guy to follow them up as a bit of leverage from a different angle"

  3. "What we found really handy was getting in early for the call session and switching up the sales guys for the less keen customers"

  4. "In essence, I think any of the guys that did well took ownership and hunted down every business opportunity first and then targeted any households that were remaining"

  5. "Any locality with the right mindset had no issues"

We trust these tips will be of some use to you for our next campaign!



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