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Whats next for Trove...

The Trove trial app went live at the end of last year to a selected number of people from our approval panels to gather initial feedback, ideas, or concerns around the platform. Since then, the team have been working on resolving any glitches found in the app. Now that the trial has been going for over a month, we are ready to start rolling this out to the whole community. The aim is to launch this during February, where we will do a trial release of 10 songs, free for three months. Once community feedback has been worked through, we aim to release a full paid version of the app, where users will have access to hundreds of pieces of content, with new and fresh content coming out each month.

This product has been in the making for a couple of years now, and is in response to a lot of customer feedback we have received. You may even be a contributor! So, feel free to discuss this with your customers and let them know the trial starts soon!



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