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Campus&Co. Australia Business Booster Campaign

The Business Booster sales campaign that ran in September was a very successful campaign providing businesses with gifts and other appliances.

It was a joint campaign with Campus&Co., but the majority of the sales were from the UBTH team. Unfortunately, we didn't get together face-to-face as most of Australia was still in lockdown during the campaign, but the team did a tremendous job selling the products and working with the business owners to secure orders.

  • The target of $2,518,255 was smashed, with total sales coming in at $2,536,857.

  • $1,000,000 of those sales were made in the last 24 hours of the campaign.

  • Over 50% of localities reached over 100% of their target.

  • Ipswich took the win, hitting 495% of target, and Swan Hill came in second, hitting 304% of target.

It was an electrifying campaign that built up a nice chunk of momentum and got the team fired back up after so long with no campaigns. We then took that momentum into the Seminar Set campaign which ran straight after this.


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